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Suggest a Tool Is there an AI tool or software missing from our site that deserves our attention? Share it with us below! IMPORTANT GUIDELINES BEFORE SUBMITTING:

  1. Please perform a search on the site to ensure the tool is not already listed. We have listed over 1,000 sites already and while we do have a process to check for duplicates, sometimes stuff slips through the cracks.
  2. All submitted tools undergo a manual review before being published on the site. Do not submit affiliate links, as they will not be approved. They will never see the light of day so don’t even bother. You’ll also be banned for life. Just be cool.
  3. We do not feature newsletters on this site, only tools. Refrain from submitting newsletter links. We may create a seperate curated list of newsletters we like, but it won’t be open for submissions.
  4. Our approval criteria have become stricter to maintain the quality of our listings. Don’t assume that your submission guarantees a listing. We are seeking innovative AI tools and unique use-cases. Poorly designed websites, overdone tool concepts, tool aggregators, and spammy sites will be rejected.
  5. Do NOT attempt to manipulate the Favorites system with bots or brute force methods. We keep a close eye on our analytics for fraudulent activity and penalize websites that violate this rule. If you’re skeptical, browse the upvoted tools list and scroll to the bottom to see flagged tools. You’ve been warned! With these guidelines in mind, we’re excited to see your suggestions!
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