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Find solutions faster with Adstra.
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AI Helpers

Create your own AI Helper bot tailored to your needs.
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Unleash the power of your data with Akkio's no-code machine learning platform.
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Boost your team's productivity with Albus - the AI-powered assistant for Slack.
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Andi - Your personal conversational search engine for quick, reliable answers.
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Article Summarizer

Automatically generate concise article summaries with our article summarization tool.
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Article Summary

Instantly summarize any article in Arabic, English, or French with our AI tool.
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Stay informed, uniquely personalized with Artifact's AI-powered newsfeed.
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Arxiv Summary Generator

Create precise and user-friendly summaries for Arxiv research papers using AI-powered technology.
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Revolutionize your writing with BearlyAI's AI-powered assistance.
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Quickly generate unbiased survey questions with BlockSurvey's AI technology.
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Find your perfect read with BookAbout's powerful search.
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Browse AI

Automate web data extraction with no coding necessary through Browse AI.
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Automate your web browsing tasks with BrowseGPT's AI-powered Chrome extension.
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Census GPT

Uncover the statistical story of America with Census GPT.
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Train your AI chatbot on your own documents with Chatbase.
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ChatGPT for Google

Get instant answers with ChatGPT integrated search results.
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ChatGPT Open AI

Ask any question or prompt to AI, the tool most other writing tools are based on - ChatGPT Open AI.
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Chat with your favorite content using Chatbots.
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Discover any image on the internet with ddmm.