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A.V. Mapping

Discover your perfect soundtrack with A.V. Mapping's AI-powered assistance.
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Stream personalized, royalty-free music on demand with AIbstract's AI-generated tunes.
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Create music with ease and speed using AIVA - the AI-based music composition platform.
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Amadeus Code

Unleash limitless inspiration with Amadeus Code - your AI songwriting assistant.
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Create and remix musical stems with AudioShake's AI technology.
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AV Mapping

Transform your videos with the power of music and AI mapping using AV Mapping.
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Customize your videos and podcasts with royalty-free mood-based soundtracks using
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Create, customize, and distribute original music in seconds with Boomy's AI-powered automation tool.
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Cassette AI

Create custom, royalty-free music tracks with ease using Cassette AI.
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Cyanite ai

Cyanite AI - The intelligent music tagging engine.
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24/7 live-streaming AI-generated music by Dadabots.
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Doctor Mix AI Synth

Revolutionize your music with Doctor Mix AI Synth.
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Create believable vocal performances from text with Emvoice, the DAW plugin.
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Find your focus, relaxation, and sleep with Endel's personalized soundscape.
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GetSound Ai

Create personalized soundscapes anywhere with GetSound Ai.
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Elevate your audio with LALAL.AI's AI-powered vocal remover and music source separation.
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Lemonaid Music

Unleash your creativity with Lemonaid Music, the AI-powered music creation tool.
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Magenta Studio

Experience music creation like never before with Magenta Studio's AI-powered plugins.
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Your personalized music discovery experience with Maroofy.
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MIDI-GPT: Natural language powered MIDI file generation tool using GPT-3.5-turbo.